Trent Cornwell

Information about Pastor Trent Cornwell of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA will be under this page heading.

Pastor Trent Cornwell is also the pastor of all of the VBM Executive Directors and their wives.

He stepped into the senior pastorate role at VBC approximately 2 weeks prior to public allegations about Austin Gardner appearing on social media.

Trent formerly attended Crown College of the Bible where he attended and met most of the 5 Executive Directors currently in power at Vision Baptist Missions (Jeff Bush, Jason Holt, Mark Coffey, and Travis Snode). He did not go to college with Mark Tolson.

Trent is Mark Coffey's brother-in-law because their wives are sisters.

He served as the first Chairman of VBM's Pastoral Advisory Committee for the first year of its inception.

Trent was in Austin's "King Makers" iMessage group for years and was aware of MANY of the things for which Austin was eventually found disqualified for ministry. For over a decade, Trent served under Austin as his assistant and was privy to the very highest level of information about what Austin did and said both publicly and in secret about church members, missionaries, preachers, and others.

Trent presided over Vision Baptist Church's special committee formed of past and (at the time) current deacons of VBC in the church's investigation of former pastor Austin Gardner regarding his personal character and ministry readiness/qualification.

He served as one of the 8 VBM directors along with the other VBM Executive Directors throughout the investigation of Austin Gardner in 2021 and is very aware of how the VBM directors AND Austin Gardner handled the situation.

Here is video evidence of Pastor Trent Cornwell's knowledge of and involvement in the corruption of the "external independent investigation and covering up and mishandling abuse (sexual, child, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional) allegations against Austin Gardner and VBM leaders.