Jason Holt

Jason and Lori Holt have served as church-planting missionaries to Chile since 2001.

Jason serves as the Latin America Director as well as an Executive Director.

Jason went to college with and around the same time as the other four Executive Directors with the exception of Mark Tolson who joined up with Vision around the time VBC was started in Alpharetta, GA.

Jason is one of the oldest followers dating back to when Austin was still in Peru before VBC or VBM was started.

It is commonly believed among VBM missionaries that (other than Jeff Bush) Jason Holt is one of the most like Austin Gardner.

It is believed that he is one of the most successful and exemplary VBM missionaries because of his adherence to Austin Gardner's teachings and philosophies in man-training/leader-training.

Jason Holt claims to be an Independent Fundamental Baptist missionary who only uses the King James Bible in all of his English teaching and preaching ministries. He receives lots of support every month from churches who believe he aligns with their stance regarding the King James Bible.

We have personal witness to Jason Holt sharing multiple times Bible verses in Field Director chats from The Message Bible which seems to be one of Jason's preferred Bible versions, not the King James Version.

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