Disciples of Austin (Current Leadership)

Austin Gardner was exposed and disqualified. What about his followers?

These are the 5 Executive Directors who have been left behind by Austin Gardner. They were his closest disciples purposefully set in power because they followed his teaching and philosophies.

  1. Jeff Bush - President of Vision Baptist Missions
  2. Travis Snode - General Director of Vision Baptist Missions
  3. Jason Holt - Latin America Field Director
  4. Mark Coffey - Africa Field Director
  5. Mark Tolson - Asia Field Director

The Executive Team is made up of the President, General Director, and Field Directors of Vision Baptist Missions. The Executive Team has the following responsibilities and duties:

  1. Develop and execute Missionary policies and procedures.
  2. Set support levels for Missionaries with Missionary salaries being reviewed by the Board of Directors annually.
  3. Accept new Missionaries.
  4. Dismiss Missionaries who do not abide by the doctrines, core values, or policies and procedures of Vision Baptist Missions.
  5. Meet regularly with the Pastoral Advisory Committee for counsel and encouragement.
  6. Nominate any new candidate for President.
  7. Approve any new nominees for General Director or Field Director.

Pastor Trent Cornwell remains as senior pastor of Vision Baptist Church, installed by Austin Gardner a couple of weeks before public allegations of abuse (sexual, child, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional) came out about Austin - the founder and former president of VBM.