Accusations started about Austin Gardner back in the 70's and continue to today.

Quick Timeline:

  • Pastored in Cartersville, GA - (1980-1990)

    • Accusations of child abuse
    • Accusations of child molestation
  • Arequipa, Peru as missionary - (~1990-2004)

    • Accusations of misappropriation of Funds
    • Forced Abortions
    • Covering up rape in children's home
    • Confronted multiple times of sin and was covered up
  • Vision Baptist Church & Vision Baptist Missions - (2005-2019)

    • Culture of bullying, control, slander, and abuse
    • Accusations come to light in 2021
    • "Apologized" to church after investigation opened by deacons
    • Church investigation found him unqualified for ministry
    • He runs from church discipline to his son's church
    • Started the "Society of Mentors" with VBM missionaries as paying members
    • Writing self-promoting articles and paying to have them published across sites to try and bury current negative press.

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Quick Timeline: