Jeff Bush

Jeff and Mindy Bush

In October 2021, Jeff became the President of Vision Baptist Missions and the Our Generation Training Center.

Jeff currently serves as the president of VBM as well as an Executive Director.

Jeff went to college with and around the same time as the other four Executive Directors with the exception of Mark Tolson who joined up with Vision around the time VBC was started in Alpharetta, GA.

Jeff and Mindy served as church-planting missionaries to Argentina, South America from 2000-2012. Jeff served as VBM General Director from 2012-2021.

He was Austin Gardner's right hand man for many years and is one of the oldest followers dating back to when Austin was still in Peru before VBC or VBM was started. Austin takes credit for helping to get Jeff and Mindy married and would often tell the story of how he gave Mindy flowers on Jeff's behalf to help get them together.

It is commonly believed that (other than Jason Holt) Jeff Bush is one of the most like Austin Gardner in his teachings, patterns, and philosophy of ministry. Austin would very often elevate and point to Jeff as being a great example of what and how a missionary should be like.

Click here for Jeff Bush's Presidential Qualifications? - a page for consideration by VBM's Board of Directors, Pastoral Advisory Committee, and Vision Baptist Church of Alpharetta, GA.

Jeff was previously aware of sexual assault among Our Generation Training Center students who also attended Vision Baptist Church yet did not report the individual or the incidents. Click here to read more

Jeff Bush has been repeatedly called out for serious patterns of sin which his pastor Trent Cornwell ignores - click here to read evidence of this

The President of Vision Baptist Missions is the “Chief Executive Officer” responsible for articulating the vision of Vision Baptist Missions and overseeing the General Director and the entire operation of Vision Baptist Missions. The President is chairman of the Executive Team, leader of the Stateside Team, a member of the OGTC Administration, and is accountable to the Board of Directors to lead Vision Baptist Missions according to the governing documents, doctrinal beliefs, core values, and policies, and procedures of Vision Baptist Missions. The President is also accountable to his local church, and, as a supported missionary, the President’s pastor is required to sign off on all forms that apply to him, not limited to but including the Missionary Support Agreement and Funds Request Forms.

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