Jeff Bush knew of sexual assault and inaction

Jeff Bush was previously aware of sexual assault among Our Generation Training Center students who also attended Vision Baptist Church, however he did not report the individual or the incidents. Other individuals can verify that Austin, Jeff, and Robert also knew. Click here for the full story.

See here for an excerpt from the first hand account of the victim of sexual assault

Vision lets 15-16 year olds be courted by 18+ year old predators. So much that it’s normal behavior now. No one questions it. Sure, make jokes, but no one will stop it. These kids don’t even know who they are and as soon as they are 18 they are whisked off into a marriage for the rest of their lives. It’s all they know.

Vision allows women to be treated like trash by their husbands as long as they are “sweet” in public.

Vision taunts and humiliates men until they are forced to leave or bend to the will of leadership.

This toxic culture needs to stop.


My abuser? Angel Sanchez

Leadership of the culture of abuse, the facilitators? The ones in the room?

Austin Gardner

Jeff Bush

Robert Canfield

Trent Cornwell

And anyone who worships at the feet of these people. Trust me, by the end of it everyone knew my personal story. Repeating it now is not putting something out there that is a surprise to anyone. If you're reading this from Vision, you already know this and already let it happen and be covered up.

They failed me, they have failed others. The good they have done does not justify the horror they have allowed. Nothing has changed. These men are still in power, still hurting people. Still pushing ideas that are not biblical. The change must be to humble, to seek to set things right so that God may have the glory through it all.

I am thankful to have gotten through this horrible time in my life and learned who God really is and how he loves. Thankful for my family and friends who have supported me, thankful that I was able to receive council after leaving this situation and receive true help for the trauma I endured under the leadership at the OGTC.

A second excerpt from a different person is below:

When we returned from China for furlough in 2020, we attended a service at VBC in March. After that service I was catching up with a church member whom I had been friends with since coming to be a part of VBM and VBC. This friend told me of something that had recently taken place.

He told me that a male Training Center student had sexually assaulted two of the female Training Center students on separate occasions by groping their private parts. He told me that the leadership, including Robert Canfield who is in charge of the Our Generation Training Center, was aware of these incidents and chose to do nothing about it. This male student received no known consequences and was allowed to continue on in the Training Center as normal. The student, in his 20’s, went on to impregnate an underage girl at the church causing many church members to leave. I was told that this student now currently serves at another church in the surrounding area. The two females students were prepared to take the incidents of abuse they suffered to the police, though in the end, they chose not to. I can understand why these women would not speak up. It’s hard enough to speak about trauma suffered, but especially at a place where women are taught to shut up and submit to men and where you learn very quickly that to say anything against the leadership or organization gets you verbally attacked, shunned from the group, and publicly humiliated. These women suffered something horrible and their authority figures were unwilling to give them the help and justice they deserve.