Jeff Bush has been repeatedly called out for serious patterns of sin which his pastor Trent Cornwell ignores

Jeff Bush is the president of Vision Baptist Missions. Over the years, Jeff has been contacted by many people either directly or has been made aware of his personal sin problems and those of VBM's organization and culture.

Here are the recurring observations and problems with Jeff Bush. Many of these were also observed in Austin Gardner and part of the reason that Austin was disqualified and found unfit for ministry in the first place.

Pastor Trent Cornwell of Vision Baptist Church of Alpharetta has also been made aware numerous times of VBM's org problems and Jeff's personal character problems in particular.

These recurring patterns of sin have been observed in Jeff Bush and have been called out by multiple witnesses over the years:

  1. Scorner and brutish
  2. Insincere fake apologies
  3. People-pleasing and eye-service for money and reputation
  4. Deception and dishonesty with missionaries, pastors, and churches
  5. Corrupt communication and violation of confidence and other private matters from counseling
  6. Mishandling accusations of sexual assault as well as sexual abuse
  7. Covering up and enabling abuse
  8. Threatening missionaries
  9. Lying and gas-lighting
  10. Outbursts of anger
  11. Manipulation

How could Austin Gardner have been found unfit and disqualified for ministry for these reasons but not Jeff Bush who replaced Austin as president of Vision Baptist Missions?

How can Jeff's pastor Trent Cornwell pretend to ignore everything that he has been made aware of regarding Jeff Bush's sinful character problems?

What will the Board of Directors and VBM's Pastoral Advisory Committee recommend be done with Jeff Bush?

Click here to find articles, pages, and documentation regarding Jeff Bush's presidential qualifications for the Board of Directors, Pastoral Advisory Committee, and Vision Baptist Church's consideration.

Below are testimonies, letters, or statements that mention Jeff Bush or were addressed to Jeff Bush or were addressed to Jeff Bush and Austin Gardner jointly or that were received by Pastor Trent Cornwell about Jeff Bush:

  1. "Caleb"
  2. "Caleb" Followup to Deacons
  3. Becky's Letter to VBC and VBM
  4. VBM Directors own Marco Polo Chats
  5. Elise
  6. Lindsay
  7. Philip
  8. Public Post to Expose VBM
  9. "Tim"
  10. "Abraham"
  11. "Alan"
  12. "Bradley"
  13. "Bradley" to VBC leadership
  14. Beware Jeff Bush
  15. "Bryan"
  16. "Bryan" to Austin and Jeff
  17. "Eli"
  18. "Grace"
  19. Heather
  20. "John"
  21. "Shelly"
  22. 17 people's Joint Statement

There are other witnesses and testimonies about Jeff Bush which support the patterns observed in the first list, but they have not yet been published.