Travis Snode

Travis is the General Director and Chief Operations Officer of Vision Baptist Missions and the Our Generation Training Center for missionaries

Travis Snode, the recently appointed general director of VBM, was a missionary in the UK from 2004-2022.

As an Independent Fundamental Baptist [IFB] missionary, Travis portrayed himself to be a man who took a stance against the use of alcohol, versions of the Bible that were not the King James, Calvinism, and women wearing pants. Despite this public portrayal, Travis has acted in a way that was in private much different.

Travis would preach in churches that were both Calvinistic and did not use the King James Bible, and he would have those same men peach for him. Privately he would agree that other versions of the Bible were acceptable.

As a field director, he would be ok with missionary wives wearing pants as long as there were not pictures of this displayed on the internet for supporting churches to see. He would say in private that while he does not drink alcohol personally, he does not have an issue with it and can been seen in photos purchasing alcohol himself.

While these issues are debatable and good men and women disagree as to whether or not any of these are of a sinful nature, the fact that Travis would portray himself to be one way while living another way is deeply concerning.

As a field director, Travis was made aware of the abuse claims happening under the leadership of VBM. Rather than investigate those claims, Travis simply denied that they existed, or that they were even possible and chose to stand with Austin and participated in the covering up of abuse allegations.

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