Structural changes update

This Vision Baptist Missions update was posted by VBM on their website on December 19, 2022, by Travis Snode and is signed by both Jeff Bush (president of VBM) and Travis Snode (general director of VBM).

Other than Austin Gardner leaving, you can see that they acknowledge some "other changes must also occur within" their organization. There are no explanations as to WHY the changes were necessary or what the problems are specifically besides general improvements to the structure. It is not known whether or not any communication or letter will be sent to VBM supporters other than the Facebook post on December 19, 2022, which was immediately pushed down with other Summit event promos. This is simply an update from VBM stating that they now have a 5-member board of directors, not a response to the website or the many serious observations or concerns addressed by this website. The president of VBM's (Jeff Bush) first recorded private response to this website to a pastor can be read here. Other information about the 14 members of the Pastoral Advisory Committee can be found here.

The changes mentioned:

  1. strengthen governance
  2. increase accountability
  3. improve policies
  4. seek wisdom from counselors

The problems VBM leadership has owned or identified:

  • Nothing that can be discerned from this update

Structural changes can be assumed to be the issue and not character problems, serious sin, or concerning patterns of behavior as can be noted by what VBM leaders believe will be the solution that will make VBM more accountable, healthy, and effective.

"Though our vision of evangelizing the world in our generation for the glory of God has not changed, we believe that the structural changes made at VBM will make VBM more accountable, healthy, and effective"

These issues (or the dozens of other testimonies, documentation, and concerns) have still not been addressed by Jeff Bush or Travis Snode:

  1. Illegal activities
  2. Mishandling donor funds
  3. Harmful and dangerous teachings
  4. Covering up abuse/abusers and sexual assault
  5. Corrupt leadership with little to no accountability
  6. Deception and dishonesty for money and reputation
  7. Continuing to support and allow the narcissist cult leader and abuser who ran from VBM and church discipline and who was disqualified from public ministry to still teach, preach, and mentor VBM/VBC members "under the radar"

Over the past fifteen months, Vision Baptist Missions, Inc. (VBM) has gone through an intense period of growth and restructuring. After the resignation of our former president in August 2021, VBM acknowledged that other changes must also occur within our organization. As such, VBM has focused on strengthening governance, increasing accountability, improving policies, and seeking wisdom from a multitude of counselors. [bold emphasis added]

In October 2021, VBM established the Pastoral Advisory Committee (PAC), a group of Independent Baptist pastors who counsel and encourage the President and Executive Team of VBM as they develop and execute the policies and procedures of VBM. The PAC provides much godly influence that is a source of encouragement to VBM leaders. This PAC is currently led by Pastor Luke Wilkerson, PAC Chairman, and Pastor Matthew Herrell, PAC Vice Chairman. The names of the other pastors who form the PAC can be found on our website at

Another crucial part of VBM’s restructuring involved appointing a new independent Board of Directors to govern VBM. The purpose of this Board is to provide independent oversight and governance for Vision Baptist Missions, Inc., to ensure that the leadership pursues the mission of the organization in accordance with its policies and procedures, financial guidelines, and doctrinal statement.

Last week, on December 15, 2022, after months of prayer, planning, and preparation, a new independent Board of Directors held its first meeting. The names and offices of the VBM Board members are: John Pearson, Chairman; Snyder Turner, Vice Chairman; Wayne Naugle, Secretary; Todd Wipf, Treasurer; and Pastor Steve Hall.

Though our vision of evangelizing the world in our generation for the glory of God has not changed, we believe that the structural changes made at VBM will make VBM more accountable, healthy, and effective. [bold emphasis added]

Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we remain dedicated to our mission of partnering with local churches to train and send missionaries worldwide.

Here to Serve,

Jeffrey Bush
VBM President

Travis Snode
VBM General Director