5 Person Board of Directors set up 16 months later

    This was first officially announced on December 19, 2022 and subsequently published on VBM's website.

    Why did it take VBM leaders 16 months after Austin Gardner left (and approximately 2 weeks after they found out about this website and started getting numerous emails and phone calls) for them to finally create a Board of Directors consisting of only 5 members? Would VBM have set up a BoD so quickly if they had not gotten pressure from supporters? Will the Board of Directors do an internal investigation and examine the evidence collected on this website? Will meeting quarterly or annually be truly enough to keep the VBM Executive Directors accountable given the alarming concerns about their training from Austin Gardner and patterns of behaviors over the many years?

    Vision Baptist Missions, Inc. is governed by an independent Board of Directors whose purpose is to provide independent oversight and governance to ensure that the leadership pursues the mission of the organization in accordance with its policies and procedures, financial guidelines, and doctrinal statement. The names and offices of the VBM Board members are:

    John Pearson

    Snyder Turner
    Vice Chairman

    Wayne Naugle

    Todd Wipf

    Pastor Steve Hall