VBM private response to the website

This email from Jeff Bush was submitted by a pastor to put on this website in response to an inquiry wondering "if the information on the website there was true or not" sent on Friday, December 2, 2022. Even without a public response from VBM, you can see how the president of VBM responds privately. Below you have concerns, and below that the actual email(s) for reference.

There are multiple concerning things noted below:

  1. Jeff says he has not read the whole website yet generalizes everything ("What I've been told [financial mishandling, coverups, etc.]" - this is Jeff generalizing the abuse, deceit, sin, toxic culture, and everything else) on the website as being not true and dismisses the whole collection of victims and witnesses along with their documentation, apparently without him even reading the home landing page which summarizes everything. At the very least, it is him not directly answering the question about all the other things that are not "financial mishandling or coverups" which are on this website.
  2. Jeff says they are being slandered, but much of what is on the website is multiple witnesses with documented evidence. Slander is something false. The burden of proof is with Jeff and VBM now to prove why the website is false, not just claiming all of it is slander and untrue without reason or explanation of any kind.
  3. They do have an occasional audit externally, but we have insider testimonies from multiple years up to 2022 including from the previous Deputation Director of VBM who oversaw the training of new missionaries that VBM's financial training includes telling missionaries that if they ever individually get audited from the IRS that they would be "thrown under the bus" to protect the mission board because VBM knows that every year multiple missionaries abuse the "quarterly reporting turned in once per year without receipts" system fudging numbers last minute and avoiding 10's of thousands of dollars each year
  4. "Several guys who had a negative experience" are actually dozens of men and women who have been abused and blatantly lied to or lied about to others still in VBM and outside of VBM
  5. He tries to direct attention away from himself and the directors by focusing on Austin Gardner who left by saying several people who have had "a negative experience with our previous pastor/president have been quite mean," but there are many witnesses who have observed serious sin problems in Jeff himself also and all of the Executive Directors still in positions of leadership and power at the top of the organization acting in ways like their mentor who was disqualified from ministry. Jeff and Jason, among others, stated clearly that they thought the "spiritual abuse" accusations were a joke in the weeks leading up to Austin's disqualification from ministry by the church
  6. "...have been quite mean" is actually people blowing the whistle on massive corruption and cover-ups for major sin issues in the highest levels of leadership which apparently continue till today
  7. Why does Jeff make it seem like he has not even read the home landing page on a website that thousands have already seen regarding VBM missionaries and supporters?

"Hello preacher

Thank you for being kind enough to give us an opportunity to respond. I have heard about much that is being said, but I have not read it all myself. Both of us, along with others, have certainly been slandered. What I’ve been told (financial mishandling, coverups, etc.) are not true can be proven incorrect (we have outside audits, etc). Several guys who had a negative experience with our previous pastor/president have been quite mean. You are welcome to call and ask anything you would like. My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thank you sir.

Here to Serve, Jeff Bush"