Paying for the Independent Investigation with donor funds

In October 2021, at the end of the external independent investigation report produced by Parks Chesin & Walbert which VBM paid for, Vision Baptist Missions had missionaries assist with paying for the investigation and the lawyer fees using donor funds from churches and individuals.

Donors need to consider if they want their ministry donations to go towards paying for lawyers, legal fees, or coverups.

Of the 10's of thousands of dollars for the independent investigation and lawyer fees, VBM missionaries used thousands of dollars from their church and individual donors. We are unaware of how/if these expenses were written off for tax purposes.

It is unfortunate that so much money was used to pay for a sham "external independent investigation" which was clearly tampered with and controlled by VBM as can be seen by these uncovered Marco Polo videos between Jeff Bush and the executive directors.

At least Travis Snode and Mark Coffey were involved in internally communicating with the VBM missionaries about the investigation and lawyer fees as well as the opportunities for missionaries to give toward assisting with the payments.