Your Original Inquiry

"Bradley" has since resigned as of March 3, 2022 and no longer serves with VBM. He and his wife officially removed their membership with VBC later in 2022.

To VBM missionaries whom it may concern,

Per your request and personal inquiry regarding my resignation from Vision Baptist Missions on March 3, 2022, here is a letter attached below explaining what eventually led me to decide to leave VBM after nearly 9 years of service with them (I have other details which I have not specifically mentioned in the exhibits included in the link).

The only reason why I am sending this to you is because of more recent things coming to light and my concern for you as a family in response to your original inquiry.

I have included some extra information about the Society of Mentors and Advancing Global Missions Inc. among other things that were not originally listed in the letter originally addressed to the Pastoral Advisory Committee [PAC].

On January 27, 2022, I tried to share my concerns with 4 of the pastors as a sub-committee including Pastor Trent Cornwell as they functioned in an ombudsman capacity. To the best of my knowledge, after getting their perspective and counsel and because it was generally believed that the organizational problems of accountability/policies/​structure were in process of being addressed and no one else currently in VBM leadership agreed with my assessment and because I understood that the PAC could not ultimately affect real change I decided to not push or elaborate on the specific issues as it was deemed that I was alone with my concerns (although other previous VBM missionaries had previously expressed their concerns to Vision leadership prior).

To the best of my knowledge, after hearing from 5 of the pastors who were in the big official PAC meeting in January, they confirmed that my letter was not shared with the whole PAC nor was a simple summary of my concerns provided to them in the 1st quarterly meeting of 2022 between the Executive Directors and PAC which took place later that day on January 27, 2022.

I believe that I have already expressed my general concerns to VBC deacons, Jeff Bush (and the Executive Directors), and attempted to inform the PAC.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime. Otherwise, may the Lord continue to bless you as you follow Him.​drive/folders/​1rNSagUquBvRk9XZncBbmN03J_​kgL241O?usp=sharing

In Christ,