Insurance Fraud, The Austin Gardner family coached VBM missionaries to lie to obtain $1,000,000 life insurance policies

Multiple people have submitted information substantiating this claim.

Most of the missionaries with Vision Baptist Missions were taught how to lie to the life insurance companies through John Gardner and then Chris Gardner (who were at the time working with Edward Jones) so that they could receive life insurance coverage while technically residing outside of the USA for the vast majority of each calendar year.

This was deliberate and intentional lying to insurance companies about their current/intended residency in order to obtain upwards of $1,000,000 in life insurance policies to cover missionaries who would otherwise have been flagged for high risk because of residing outside of the United States.

Missionaries were encouraged to remove anything on their social media that would indicate they were missionaries or planning to live outside of the USA or disabled their own accounts during this period of examination if they qualified for life insurance coverage. After they received confirmation of life insurance coverage, they would go back to normal on social media.

Edward Jones has been notified.

Chris Gardner was "discharged" by Edward Jones on 2/14/23 regarding "Employment Separation After Allegations" specifically because the "Registered representative violated the Firm's selling away policy."