Chris Gardner money problems

This page has been updated about Chris Gardner (Austin's son) to reflect the most recent information available. He also is the pastor at Shady Grove Baptist Church in the state of Georgia where his father and mother went after running away from the church discipline process with Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA.

Chris Gardner was "discharged" by Edward Jones on 2/14/23 regarding "Employment Separation After Allegations" specifically because the "Registered representative violated the Firm's selling away policy."

After being discharged by Edward Jones in February 2023, it appears that Chris Gardner continues as an investment advisor with Arkos Global Advisors, LLC.

Chris Gardner (and John Gardner) coached VBM missionaries on how to lie in order to receive upwards of $1,000,000 in life insurance policies thereby committing insurance fraud.

Chris grew up as a missionary kid in Peru.

Chris became a missionary to Peru.

Among other things, Chris Gardner has pastored in Peru and the USA as well as served as an overseas missionary with the Peru Bible College.

Chris became a financial advisor with Edward Jones in 2019.

There are more allegations surrounding Chris Gardner and his activities in both the USA and in the country of Peru.

Questions still surround Chris' uncle John Gardner (Austin's brother) regarding John's "retirement" from Edward Jones and the subsequent transfer of accounts to Chris as he began his Edward Jones career.

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You were not told that Mr. Gardner covered for his son who was involved in a financial scheme in Peru. Hundreds of thousands of dollars - the life savings of many Peruvians as well as missionary funds- were lost. The Peruvian sits in jail while the American lives free.” - from Becky E.'s letter to VBC and VBM

VBM encourages all of their missionaries to invest their money with Chris Gardner, a practice that was started since Austin Gardner recommended his followers get their retirement and life insurance first through his brother [John Gardner] and then through his son once his brother began his retirement and Chris began working with Edward Jones as a financial advisor.

From both Chris and Austin Gardner's words, Chris has been very successful in the business world quickly advancing through the ranks and managing millions of dollars from both wealthy clients and VBM missionaries and VBC members.

Interesting to note that it seems many of the VBM missionary accounts under John Gardner were automatically transferred to Chris without requesting or receiving their explicit consent around the time of John's retirement. It was more of a notification.

Chris has allowed and knowingly enables VBM missionaries to avoid taxes (tax evasion which is illegal) by having VBM missionaries and VBC church members invest money externally from VBM while trying to write off those “ministry expenses” which is really money that was given to VBM designated for setup funds, ministry projects, etc.

If the money had remained in VBM accounts as a non-profit agency, it would not be an issue and tax-free. But as soon as the money is removed and transferred out of VBM externally deposited into the missionaries personal accounts, the missionaries should either pay taxes on it or properly report the expenses to VBM for a legitimate ministry expense for VBM to retain for their records.

(e.g. If $100,000 for set-up-fund, church-plant, Bible college, or camp project sits in an external Edward Jones account being invested and overseen by Chris Gardner instead of in VBM's accounts while "expensing it as a ministry expense" when it is simply money being invested in the market for more profit, then the missionary and Chris could be found guilty of tax evasion.)

"Austin made me support the Peru Bible college monthly since I had accidentally exposed his son, Chris Gardner, in October 2015 for lying to pastors and churches about being in Peru and writing prayer letters as if from Peru but Chris was pastoring a church in Georgia funneling money to the ministries in Peru. Pastor B.A. asked how Austin’s son Chris was doing since his church supported Chris, I told him, 'Chris’ family seemed to be doing well and that he is pastoring a church in Georgia now.' Not too long after, I then got a call from Chris and also got talked to by Austin." - as shared by "Bradley" in his letter