VBM Involvement

See the page about the Austin Gardner Cult for more information.

Some of the Current VBM missionaries that are involved in the Society of Mentors:

  • Lauren
  • Miguel Sanabria - video of him talking about his visit
  • Mariangela Sanabria
  • Robert Canfield
  • Kelli Canfield
  • David Gardner
  • Katie Gardner
  • Deanna
  • Austin Till

If you get all the clues, you can kinda figure out a lot of who all is involved with him

mozambique - clower or Wilkerson S. Africa - halls and coffeys Equitorial guinea - Robert and Benjamin he names

‘Some of the guys that are in town are coming over to talk about World evangelism’

‘Eating with another missionary’

Turkey, Burkina Faso, and America listening live - Brady, and probably nate Wilkerson

Lauren is doing the notes