New Ministry Launch

This Secret Society of Mentors was set up around the time that Austin Gardner left VBM and VBC and continues to operate and meet after VBC determined he was disqualified from public ministry. Last we heard, there are still Vision Baptist Church members and Vision Baptist Missionaries who are still subscribed and supportive of Austin's ministries.

Membership Year

If you're a Real Mentor (and I think you are), you're part of this secret society.

The Membership is an ongoing practice. Think of it as a monthly shot of inspiration, psyche, and valuable information to develop into the kind of Real Mentors you, your team, and the world need. There are a limited number of seats availabe in The Membership. The Reason for that is I want to build an experience that maintains my vision for a close gaher of Real Mentors. Each seat is $1,000 per year.

If you want to join The Membership, now is the time.

More soon,