Recruiting for his Secret Society

This Secret Society of Mentors was set up around the time that Austin Gardner left VBM and VBC and continues to operate and meet after VBC determined he was disqualified from public ministry. Last we heard, there are still Vision Baptist Church members and Vision Baptist Missionaries who are still subscribed and supportive of Austin's ministries.

Your Invitation to The Society of Mentors is inside

Greetings, Austin Gardner here.

I want to let you in on a little secret.

I don't know if you know this, but there is a Secret Society of Mentors. You know, the ones that actually want to train national leadership and not just start a church or two.

If you're a Real Mentor (and I think you are), you're part of this secret society.

And one of my goals is to make it not-so-secret anymore.

When you signed up for an invitation to The Society, I told you about something called The Membership.

Sometimes, being a Real Mentor can be lonely. We're no sure where we belong. We're not sure if there are other people like us.

That's one of the reasons I created The Membership.

The Membership is where Real Mentors gather. Each month, we talk about how we can train more men and women, take care of our families, honor Jesus, make a lasting impact and untilmately change the world for the better. Esentially, we talk about keeping our focus on what's important.

The Real Mentors who are part of The Membership want to make a massive impact through their work.

Special guests will be common on our monthly Worldwide Chapter Meetings. When I bring a guest on, my goal is to draw out how their expertise and experience apply it to our world as Mentors.

Here's a handful of the guests we have planned to meet with you in the next year: ...