Robert Canfield

Robert was one of Austin's closest right-hand men for years.

Robert served under Austin Gardner as both his assistant pastor and also as the Director of the Our Generation Training Center for missionaries.

He was the director of the missionary Training Center until he was removed in October 2022.

Robert also moved his church membership and is no longer a member of Vision Baptist Church.

  • He came out saying Austin was his mentor, even after Austin ran from church discipline which found him unfit for ministry.
  • He encouraged students and VBM missionaries to join Austin's Society of Mentors and to go learn from Austin in person even while VBC remained resolute it its position regarding Austin's disqualification from public ministry.
  • It is believed to be likely that he left VBM because of the disagreements he had with both the VBC deacons and the VBM Executive Directors regarding their stance (or lack thereof) regarding Austin Gardner.

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