Preaching in Argentina - Underwood's - Colombia

The following excerpt is from Austin's email titled "God has blessed us tremendously in our lives" sent on June 2, 2022. He mentions preaching many times as well as traveling to Argentina to visit VBM missionary Stephen Underwood. He does not mention the 3 other VBM families in Argentina in this email. He again confirms that he was in Colombia.

"Hello, my praying friends,

God has blessed us tremendously in our lives. He has allowed me to preach many times over the last month. I have truly enjoyed the privilege God gave us to travel to Argentina. A missionary friend, Stephen Underwood, is starting his first church in Argentina. Things are already going very well. I can’t wait to hear what happens by the end of their first month.

I suffered from side effects all the time I was in Argentina. While in Colombia, I somehow injured my elbow, and it started hurting the last couple of days. I got home, and two different doctors prescribed two different medicines. The one caused a pretty severe allergic reaction."