15 Core Values

    These 15 Core Values can be found on VBM's website here.
    1. WALK WITH GOD To prioritize a personal relationship with Jesus and become more like Him each day
    2. BUILD A GODLY HOME To continually work on building a God-honoring marriage and family
    3. LEAD WITH INTEGRITY To be honest men and women of godly character in every aspect of life and ministry
    4. BE A LEARNER To be teachable, continually growing, learning and pursuing wisdom
    5. BE A SERVANT To be Christ-like servant-leaders who love and serve others
    6. BE A GIVER To be generous givers and faithful stewards of our time, resources and abilities
    7. DO LIFE-ON-LIFE DISCIPLESHIP To prioritize “withness” in making disciples by spending time with and doing life together
    8. TRAIN LEADERS To train the next generation of Biblical leadership by investing our lives in them
    9. START MULTIPLE CHURCHES To multiply Biblical churches that are healthy and indigenous through proper church-planting methods
    10. WORK HARD To work heartily as unto the Lord and to labor abundantly by the grace of God
    11. WORK AS A TEAM To build and maintain an edifying team with a family spirit
    12. PURSUE HUMILITY To be meek and lowly in heart, clothed with humility and esteem others better than ourselves
    13. EXTEND GRACE To be gracious in our words, deeds and interactions with others
    14. KEEP A WORLD VISION To stay actively engaged in “both” our local ministries and in evangelizing the whole world
    15. STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE To do the best we can in everything we do for the glory of God